You can make money online, but you need to know the right methods. One way to earn money online, guaranteed and fast, is with Totalizator bonuses. I have used this method a lot myself and have earned several thousand euros in total. In the old days, you could earn a lot more with this method of earnings, because there were no bans on foreign betting companies, but even now you can make money with it. In this article I will show you step by step how to do it.

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There is very little chance of making money playing sports betting. Even big sports bettors often fail, so if you don’t have any sports knowledge it could be 10 times harder.

To earn using the bonuses offered by sports betting sites you don’t need to have any knowledge of sports at all, just follow the steps that will be explained on this page in a very easy to understand way.

There are currently five sports betting operators in Latvia that are licensed by the Inspectorate for the Supervision of Lotteries and Gambling (IAUI) of the Republic of Latvia. These sports betting operators are,,, and

How much bonuses do each of these sports betting operators offer

sports betting operators

Optibet sports betting bonus for new users: €60 free bets

The bonus is divided into two parts of €30 each.

To receive the first €30 (2 risk-free bets, €15 each), a real money deposit of at least €15 is required.

To receive the second €30 (2 risk-free bets, €15 each), you must make a cash deposit of €150.

OneOne Sports Betting Bonus for new users: 3 x €11 risk-free bets

To receive the bonus, you must open an account and make a real money deposit of at least €10.

Olybet sports betting bonus for new users: €50 free bets

New OlyBet customers can receive two free bets of €25

The first €25 bet is valid for bets placed before the start of a sporting event and the second during the sporting event (live bet).

Betsafe sports betting bonus for new users: 3 x €10 risk-free bets

To receive the Betsafe betting bonus you must open an account and make a real money deposit of at least €20.

Synottip sports betting bonus for new users: 3 x €10 risk-free bet

To receive the bonus on Synottip betting sites, you must open an account and make a real money deposit of at least €10.

A step-by-step guide on how to receive these sports betting bonuses in your bank account

To benefit from the sweepstake bonuses, you need to place two bets on the same sporting event. You place a bet that team “A” will win and a bet that team “A” will not win (meaning that team “B” will win or there will be a draw). Betting against an event (LAY bet) is only possible on sports exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq.

Step 1: Open a Betfair sports exchange account

To earn money from sports betting bonuses, you will need to open an account with Betfair Sports Exchange and deposit €10 or more into it.

You can open an account with Betfair Sports Exchange here

After opening your account, make a deposit into your Betfair Sports Exchange account.

Betfair does not have an IAUI licence in Latvia, so to register you will need to use a VPN provider to obtain an English IP address. If you use Google Chrome, add the free HOLA VPN plugin and set up UK browsing.

Step 2: Open a OneOne sports betting account

Let’s take the ViensViens sports betting account as an example, because it offers the most obvious bonus – deposit €11 and get a free bet of up to €11.

You can open a OneViens sports betting account here

After opening your account, deposit at least €11 into your ViensViens sports betting account using the bonus code BL11.

Step 3: Place opposite bets on the sports betting site and Betfair Sports Exchange

Once you have opened an account with both Betfair Sports Exchange and ViensViens Sportsbook, the next step is to place opposite bets on a sporting event.

To calculate the size of your bets on the betting and sports exchange, you will need a special calculator

In the betting calculator you need to enter the following information:

  1. select the “free bet” option
  2. enter the amount of the free bet – in this case €11
  3. enter the odds for the sporting event
  4. enter the LAY odds on the Betfair sports exchange
  5. Click the “Calculate” button

As you can see in the example below, you will receive €5.12 of the €11 free bet on any outcome of the match. If you want to make a safe profit, you will have to settle for a profit of €5-8 on the €11 free bet.

If you play with the calculator, you will notice that the higher the odds you enter, the higher your profit will be, and the correspondingly higher your liability on Betfair Sports Exchange.

Done! Now all we have to do is wait for the football match between Hannover and Augsburg to finish and we will have earned €5.91 from the €11 free bet.

So what are the possible scenarios:

the possible scenarios

Bet wins OneOne in the betting

You win €14.85 and your bet amount is €11. That’s a total of €25.85. But you lose your bet of €8.96 on the Betfair sports exchange. Your profit is €14.85-8.96= €5.91

Bet wins on Betfair Sports Exchange

You win €5.91 on the Betfair Sports Exchange but lose your OneOne bet on the betting market. As the bet was risk-free, your €11 is returned to your betting account.

P.S. I also made a deposit with at the time of writing and the screenshots are taken from my own betting.