The history of online casinos goes back almost two decades, with the first online casino opening in 1994. Over time, more and more software suppliers emerged and started to develop new styles of games and deliver them to online casinos. The first online casinos were very simple, even primitive compared to modern casinos. Although it is difficult to find some of the first games, some of these games can still be found in online casinos today.

In the early days, players had only a few online payment options, or even just one – payment by bank transfer, which sometimes took weeks. In other casinos, players could also deposit by Visa or Mastercard. Virtual wallets were not yet available, so cashing out took up to 48 hours. Secure online payment solutions have evolved a lot over the years. The US dollar was the only currency accepted by online casinos in the early days and today the euro, GBP and other well-known currencies are also accepted.

Since the very first online casino was created, the number has grown incredibly, to over 2000 different online casinos.

Computer technology is constantly evolving and since the mid-1990s the internet has improved dramatically. Gone are the days of dial-up internet and it seems that everyone today has high-speed fibre-optic internet. All these factors have made online casinos very exciting.

In the early 1990s it was easy to keep up with the latest online casino games, but nowadays it seems that almost every week there are a couple of new games appearing in casinos. Now we can also find some great 3D slots and you can enjoy them in great quality on both your computer and phone screen.

Progressive jackpots are also increasing and will continue to do so, new world records are being set and it doesn’t take long for a jackpot to grow to such large sums. That’s because millions of players around the world play the same jackpots every day.

Looking to the future of online casinos, we can be sure that jackpots will continue to grow and new online casino games will be created even more frequently. So much exciting has happened in the relatively short history of online casinos that it is hard to say what might happen in the next 20 years.