Slots are the main source of livelihood for most online casinos and gaming halls. These games are very popular and are played all over the world because of their bright colorful pictures, ear-pleasing sounds and excitement. However, this has not always been the case. Slot machines only started to gain popularity around 1980, but now they are super popular.

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Who doesn’t know how casino slot machines work – they use a random number generator and all you have to do is press a button or pull a lever. If the symbols on the screen match, you will receive a reward. If they do not match, you will lose your bet. It sounds very simple, but many who play casino slots do not know these important facts:

Most Casino slots pay out over 90%

Most Casino slots

Known as the money returned to the player or the refund percentage. It is very important to understand how casino slot machines work. Did you know that every time you press the button, you give back 15-5% of your bet amount to the casino? Yes, if you place a bet of 1 EURO, the casino will have earned about 0.10 EURO! Payback percentage varies from slot to slot. In others it may be 85% and in others 95%. This percentage is regularly increased due to high competition to attract and retain casino customers.

Payout percentages for slot machines vary between online casinos and arcades. Interestingly, many players believe that this percentage is higher in online casinos, but it is definitely not!

Casinos do not count how many “Jackpots” each slot machine has awarded

Many players believe that there are such “hot” and “cold” or those slot machines that currently “give” and those that “give” nothing. This belief has arisen because players think that every slot machine has a limit on how much money it will pay out, but this is just a superstition! Although it is very likely that modern gaming machines are equipped with this kind of Jackpot tracking capabilities, they still use the principle of randomness to represent the symbols, so that each spin is completely unique and unaffected by previous ones. This means that as soon as one Jackpot has been paid out, it is possible to win another Jackpot with the next spin of the slot machine. Of course, if it’s your lucky day.

Progressive slot machine Jackpots are almost as big as lotteries

Progressive Slot Jackpots are one of the latest and most exciting innovations in the industry. They work differently than regular Jackpots and are a very interesting addition to slot machines. The concept of this jackpot is as follows: everyone who plays a certain game in a certain casino participates in a large Jackpot draw, the accumulation of which is formed by all players together. To be fair, the Jackpot is initially set to a certain amount, for example 1000 euros. After that, a small percentage of each bet placed will be added to this Jackpot and this winning amount will increase. It will grow until someone lucky wins it.

Progressive Jackpots in some casinos have even reached lottery-worthy proportions, and as a result, a small number of lucky people have managed to win millions on slot machines. The best thing about slot machines with progressive jackpots is that these machines are a bit more complicated and offer more opportunities. They usually have more game lines, more bonuses to get and overall these slots are more exciting to play.

Modern slot machines have little in common with traditional slots

Modern slot machines

Slot machines used to be completely mechanical, but now they are mostly digital. The first slot machine “The Liberty Bell” was invented in 1895! With the development of technology, a large part of the gambling industry has been digitized. Even poker and blackjack have their own slot machines!

Early slot machines consisted of the following components:

  • Coin slot;
  • Cost funnel;
  • Levers;
  • Image rolls.

Currently, gaming machines consist of about 1,200 components, which are put together by hundreds of workers in large factories. Now the gaming halls are equipped with exciting gaming machines, the main components of which are:

  • Banknote reader;
  • Motherboard;
  • Touchscreen;
  • Random number generator.

If once everything was very simple, that by throwing a coin and pulling the lever you could make a bet on one payline, now everything is a little more complicated.

Now you can choose how much to bet on each game line, choose how many lines to bet on, what game to play. In addition to that, you need to learn the meaning of each game’s symbols and the payouts for the possible combinations.

Online slots work just like the ones in the arcades

Slot machines in arcades may have a different sound, a more realistic feel, but they work exactly the same as online casino games. Both use a “random number generator” to make each spin completely random. This ensures that the slot machines cannot be influenced by the casino or cheated by the players. Therefore, the casino is also the purest game of luck.

The biggest difference between online casino games and slot machines is in the software. The main emphasis of the online casino is on vivid animations and player safety. In the gaming halls, your attention will most likely be attracted by the sounds of Jackpots and flashing lights on the payout lines of the gaming machine.

Remember that slot machines should be viewed as an entertainment option, not as an opportunity to earn extra income. When you go to a casino or play casino games online, you should understand that you can only win if you are lucky.