We Don't Make Widgets
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  We Don’t Make Widgets is more than just a book – it’s a mind-set.  It is a new way of looking at the work of government that causes so much of the resistance to change to melt away.  It takes the best ideas for performance improvement and makes them make sense in government.  I hope you too will embrace the message of We Don’t Make Widgets and join the thousands of courageous change agents who are bringing the concepts to life and making a difference for the people they serve.  That’s why we are all here.

People will never believe what they can change until we change what they believe.

My mission is to radically improve government by changing the beliefs of the managers who run it.
  Beliefs are powerful.  Beliefs drive our behaviors.  Beliefs can change the world.  And it is my contention that it is only our beliefs that stand in the way of the progress we all want to make. Read More
Ken Miller
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